For your communication needs we will find interpreting solutions, i.e.:

in all subject areas.

We offer these services in German, English and French. If you need further languages, we can refer you to colleagues from our extensive network of experienced conference interpreters.

Your communication need

Possible solution

Conference, congress, seminar, etc.


  Large number of people in need of interpreting;
combination of several languages possible;
several days possible

simultaneous interpreting (2 to 3 interpreters in a booth, depending on the complexity of the task);
saves a maximum of time

  Small number of people in need of interpreting;
just one foreign language possible;
possible for a limited period of time

simultaneous interpreting with mobile interpreting equipment, 2 interpreters for a maximum of 3 hours

  Just 1 or 2 person(s) need an interpreter for only one foreign language;
only possible for a limited period of time

whispering (1 or 2 interpreters for a maximum of 3 hours)

Press conference

consecutive interpreting: 1 or 2 interpreters work without any technical equipment, taking turns with the speaker;
needs twice the time of simultaneous interpreting, therefore the latter might be better in some cases

Product presentation


Business discussion

liaison interpreting: 1 or 2 interpreters work without any equipment directly during the discussion, sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph;
only one foreign language possible


Factory tour

On the basis of your needs stated in the form we will be pleased to propose a suitable solution.


Through our network of professional language service providers we are able to provide translation into and from 40 languages. We also design and localise your website for presenting yourself to an international public.

Our services include:
  • translation possible within 24 hours
  • administration of terminology data bases
  • only native speakers translate for you
  • certification of documents
  • transmission of documents either via e-mail, fax or  mail
  • support of all current file formats


In case you received a translation that you would like to be checked through by a professional, we offer this service to you for translations from and into all current languages. If you need more exotic language combinations, we can refer you to colleagues from our extensive network of experienced proof-readers.


We are in a position to support you when you are organising an international event like a conference, a congress, a seminar etc.:
  • asking for quotes for simultaneous interpreting booths and equipment for your event
  • asking for quotes for a PA system for your event
  • organising interpreting teams for different languages