Here, we would like to allow you to gain an insight into our work. In the following, you will find two examples for more complex tasks that we have taken on in the past. One is related to interpreting, the other to translation, both including additional services.


In March 2004, the 3rd European Conference on Green Power Marketing took place in Lausanne (Switzerland).
On this occasion Beo Sprachendienste provided a team of interpreters working in the language pairs English-German, German-English, English-French, and German-French during the whole conference. The interpreters thus secured smooth communication among the 180 conference participants from 25 countries.

We wanted to reduce the possible language barriers among the conference participants as far as possible. The team of interpreters mastered this task excellently, showing profound knowledge of the subject and the corresponding terminology. Beo Sprachendienste did not only organise and coordinate the team of interpreters but they also consulted us on the technology necessary for this event. We will be very happy to enlist the expertise of Beo Sprachendienste again for future events.

Dr. Devrim Yetergil
Green Power Marketing GmbH, Zurich

(The original reference is in German)

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For this client, we were asked to translate 14 documents on different types of solar roofs into English, maintaining consistent terminology and style.
We had agreed on a deadline of one working week for completing the task (20 pages including pictures).
The same deadline was agreed for a translation of the same texts into French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. We located experienced fellow translators for this task.

The client was very satisfied with our services:
"Beo Sprachendienste gave us all the support we needed for this task. The deadlines were kept without any exception, when questions arose there was always a direct contact to the translator in charge. Our foreign clients speak of high quality translations. The style of our in-house concept had been maintained in all texts.
Beo Sprachendienste was very flexible to find translators for all languages required, who have specialised in solar energy.
All in all I can but recommend Beo Sprachendienste, because they deliver language services adapted to one’s needs at a fair price." (original in German) 

Kay Neubert
Member of the Board
Solarpraxis Supernova AG