In its professional translation and interpreting services, Beo Sprachendienste’s task is to contribute to an understanding between human beings speaking different languages and coming from foreign countries.

We also have a personal interest in human beings understanding each other and solving their conflicts in a peaceful way.
Our involvement and our connection to these subjects is reflected in the following links.

Communication in empathy (Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg)

With Communication in empathy (often also referred to as„Nonviolent Communikation“ – NVC) we can find out about our own deep-rooted patterns of thinking and speaking. Through a sensitive contact with ourselves and others we can translate these patterns into a language that is in harmony with everyone. This way we can solve our everyday conflicts. We can also carefully re-build trust that we have lost through verbal or physical violence. This way NVC can also contribute to stabilizing and preserving our valuable contacts to other human.

Understanding through student exchanges


Understanding and exchange with indigenous people in India

Peace and understanding via changes in tax regulation